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Jubilee Clean Scent Kitchen Wax Liquid 15 oz.

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    Product Description

    Jubilee is an easy-to-use liquid furniture wax made especially for protecting while cleaning appliances, laminate countertops, ceramic tile, enamel and wood. Jubilee cannot scratch, never dulls, is stain resistant and puts down a tough, hard shine that protects surfaces while making spills easier to wipe clean. Jubilee removes grease spots, soot, lipstick, food stains, crayon, fingerprints and yellow cooking films.
    • Jubilee kitchen wax cleaner cuts through grease, food stains and cooking film
    • Puts down a hard shine that protects surfaces without scratching
    • Makes spills and other tough kitchen soils easier to wipe clean
    • Not for use on granite or stainless steel


    • Brand Name: Jubilee
    • Scent: Clean
    • Concentrated: No
    • Product Type: Kitchen Wax
    • Product Form: Liquid
    • Container Size: 15 oz.
    • Packaging Type: Bottle
    • Antibacterial: No
    • Click here to see the Safety Data Sheets for this product

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