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Gallagher Electric Fence Cut Off Switch Orange

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    Product Description

    Cut-out switches are a time saving tool used to turn electricity off along the fenceline while troubleshooting or making repairs. Install one on each corner to eliminate a trip back to the energizer. Unused pastures and lower electric fence wires with high vegetation may also be easily cut off to increase fence voltage.
    • High quality electrical contacts to handle high voltages.
    • Highly visible on/off switch for status checking at a glance.
    • Fully sealed, weatherproof & dirt resistant for long life and durabilityully sealed.
    • Made from impact resistant materials and UV stabilized plastic.
    • Fits securely onto any post. Mounting screws supplied.
    • 10 Year Warranty.


    • Brand Name: Gallagher
    • Product Type: Electric Fence Cut Off Switch
    • Color: Orange
    • Material: Plastic

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