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Loctite Extend 8 oz. Rust Neutralizer

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    Product Description

    Loctite® Extend Rust Neutralizer is a fast drying, milky white latex coating that is applied to rusted metal to stop rust, protect the surface and act as a primer for the finish coat. It converts rust to a neutral surface ready for painting. Use on iron railings, barbeque grills, pipes, valves, storage tanks, ductwork, automobiles, patio furniture, tools, antiques, mailboxes, lawn mowers, bicycles and lamp posts.
    • Dries to produce a tough polymer surface
    • Extremely effective on mild surface rust
    • Sets in 20 minutes per coat
    • Seals rust and creates a neutral surface that is ready for priming and painting
    • Liquid formulation
    • Converts surface rust and prevents rust from spreading..
    • Three coats are required. Second application should cure for 24 hours before third coat.
    • Working time is 30 minutes
    • Color when applied is light bronw
    • Cured color on substrate is black.


    • Brand Name: Loctite
    • Sub Brand: Extend
    • Container Size: 8 oz.
    • Product Type: Rust Neutralizer
    • Packaging Type: Bottle
    • Application: Loctite Naval Jelly is recommended for removing rust from metal surfaces made of iron, steel or other ferrous materials.
    • Click here to see the Safety Data Sheets for this product

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