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Evercoat Fiberglass Cloth 1

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    Product Description

    100 percent fiberglass in a non-woven state. Best used for high build-up repairs of holes and damages areas. Will conform to any shape. 1.5 Oz. weight.
    • Fiberglass mat
    • 100% fiberglass in a non-woven state
    • Also molds and builds for repair of curved surfaces fiberglass objects, bait and water tanks, etc.
    • 38" x 36"


    • Brand Name: Evercoat
    • Product Type: Fiberglass Cloth
    • Container Size: 1
    • Material: Non-woven
    • Packaging Type: Bagged
    • Color: White
    • Number in Package: 1 pk
    • Use with polyester or epoxy resin for repairing over holes or badly damaged areas
    • Best for think build-up and repairing complex shapes
    • 38 in. x 34 in.
    • Click here to see the Safety Data Sheets for this product

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