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Varathane Interior Elite Diamond Finish Water Based Interior Semi-Gloss Crystal Clear Transparent 1

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    Product Description

    Varathane Ultimate Polyurethane Crystal Clear Polyurethane provides the highest clarity finish in a water based formula for easy clean up. Crystal Clear Polyurethane is designed to protect interior surfaces from scratches and stains while sealing the decorative coating on the surface. Odorless solution dries quickly with long lasting durability.
    • Let the natural beauty of your wood shine with the ultimate protective topcoat
    • Ideal for maximum protection on interior stained, bare or painted wood surfaces including furniture, doors, windows, cabinets and trim
    • Low odor, water-based formula provides ultimate scratch and stain resistance with a gloss finish
    • Apply a minimum of 4 coats with coverage up to 125 sq. ft. per quart that dries to the touch in 30 minutes


    • Brand Name: Varathane
    • Sheen: Semi-Gloss
    • Color: Crystal Clear
    • Product Type: Poly Finish
    • Container Size: 1 qt.
    • UV Resistant: No
    • Coverage Area: 125 sq. ft.
    • Indoor or Outdoor: Indoor
    • FLAO: Non-yellowing
    • For pastel stained wood, wallpaper, latex, enamel paint, wood, paint and wallpaper
    • Heavy use formula
    • Ultimate durability and scratch resistance
    • Click here to see the Safety Data Sheets for this product

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