Weller Lead-Free Soldering Tip 1/8 in. Dia. Copper – Supplyfully

Weller Lead-Free Soldering Tip 1/8 in. Dia. Copper

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    Product Description

    The MT2 is a 3.18 x 23.11mm screwdriver Marksman® replacement Soldering Tip for use with the SP23 and SP23D soldering irons. Made of solid copper. The MT series tip is plated with electroless nickel for ease of wetting during soldering.
    • Standard duty
    • Ceramic heater technology with heat up to 750 degree
    • 3 Built-in LED lights for superior visibility
    • Bright focus beam
    • Co-molded handle with triangular area for maximum tip control
    • Applications include printed circuit boards, radio controlled indoor lighting and wire connection


    • Brand Name: Weller
    • Lead-Free: Yes
    • Product Type: Soldering Tip
    • Wire Diameter: 1/8 in.
    • Material: Copper
    • Water-Soluble: No
    • Suitable for Electrical Use: Yes
    • Tinning: Yes

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