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Master Magnetics 1 in. Ferrite Powder/Rubber Polymer Resin Magnetizer 0.6 MGOe Black 1 pc.

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    Product Description

    Magnetizer/Demagnetizer, leave the magnetizer on the tool for extra magnetic strength. To demagnetize, pass the tool through one of the exterior channels. * * More About Flexible Magnets: Flexible materials offer a uniquely desirable combination of properties at lower cost than other magnet materials. The flexibility and machinability of these materials allow manufacturing techniques not possible with rigid or brittle materials. * * Flexible magnet material is used in a variety of applications from labeling, holding, door gaskets, and signs, to micromotors and CRT focusing. Practical uses include crafts, toys, games, magnetic signs, displays, production control (or visual aid) systems, warehouse shelf labeling, movable markers, advertising premiums, magnetic business cards, architectural planning layouts and more.
    • Most pliable permanent magnet material
    • Leave on tool for extra strength
    • Provides substantial strength
    • Rubber coated finish
    • Can withstand temperatures up to 200° F
    • Permanent magnetism guaranteed
    • Attract screws or nuts to screwdriver for easy starting and removing
    • Good for use at home, garage or workshop
    • Easy to magnetize small tools
    • Great for mechanics and do-it-yourselfers


    • Brand Name: Master Magnetics
    • Length: 1 in.
    • Material: Ferrite Powder/Rubber Polymer Resin
    • Product Type: Magnetizer
    • MGOe: 0.6
    • Color: Black
    • Number in Package: 1 pc.
    • Usage: Use to magnetize small screwdrivers or other tools
    • Packaging Type: Clamshell
    • Width: 1 in.
    • Telescoping: No
    • Small Tool Magnetizer/Demagnetizer measures 1" L x 1" W x 1" H. .35" hole. To magnetize: insert small tool through hole. To demagnetize: pass tool along one of the exterior channels.

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