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Zircon 65946 StudSensor Edge Picture Kit 1 pc.

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    Product Description

    The Zircon StudSensor™ EDGE stud finder finds the edges of wood and metal studs behind walls. The easy-to-read display and patented SpotLite® Pointer System clearly identify the edge of the target. The patented pivot pinch grip design allows for a comfortable, secure hold in either hand, at any angle. Included assorted hooks and nails for picture hanging.
    • Finds wood and metal studs or joists
    • Works on drywall, plaster, wood
    • Four red indicators and green ready light
    • Self calibrating
    • Non magnetic
    • Uses 9 volt battery


    • Brand Name: Zircon
    • Model Number: 65946
    • Product Type: StudSensor Edge Picture Kit
    • Number in Package: 1 pc.
    • Packaging Type: Carded
    • Battery Size: 9V
    • Detects Metal: Yes
    • Color: Yellow
    • Audio Alert: No
    • Batteries Included: No

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