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American Wick Kerosene Heater Wick

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    Fits: Aloha JY-1120, Arturo (API) JY-1120, Bando BK-195, Comfort-Temp GG-8445, Corona 11-DK, 11-DKA, 17-DK, 17-DKB & 17-DKC, Cosy 100, Craig's International KSA-105, Easy 4570 & EZ-100, Energy Star EKS-198C, Flame-Glo 910, Gemini III SYK-20000, Heat Buster HB-1950, Heat Glow TS-200J & TS-200C, Kero-Sun Omni 105E, 105F, 105G & Director, Model K, Keymar KM-180, Kogy 100, Kozy 100, Noble King, Northstar KSA-105, Nova One, Porta-Heat SYK-20000, Samaritan S-19500, Sun Air Glow US-18-7, Sunny 100/Cosy, Sunstar BK-195, Toshiba KSE-2200 & KSE-2850, Toyostove/Toyotomi KSA-105E, 105F & 105G, Turco 3105, Union Thermal Therma 21, 3205 Heritage, 2300 Homestead, 3100 Tradition, 4506 Vintage. Manufacturer number: AW-20.
    • Fits any kerosene heater that requires these dimension


    • Brand Name: American Wick
    • Product Type: Kerosene Heater Wick
    • Packaging Type: Bagged
    • Brand or Model Compatibility: 11-DKA, Flame-Glo 910, Gemini III SYK-20000, Aloha JY-1120, Corona 11-DK, Arturo (API) JY-1120, Craig's International KSA-105, Gemini III SYK-20000, 17-DKB and 17-DKC, Comfort-Temp GG-8445, Cosy 100, Energy Star EKS-198C, Easy 4570 and EZ-100, 17-DK, Bando BK-195
    • Number in Package: 1 pk
    • Height: 8.4 in.
    • Width: 6.6 in.
    • Click here to see the Safety Data Sheets for this product

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