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Pro-Lab Radon Gas Test Kit 1 pk

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    Product Description

    Radon Gas can be found in 1 of 15 homes in the USA. Although short-term radon gas detector such as the Pro-Lab RA100 are excellent for initial screening (real estate transactions) to determine if potentially harmful levels of radon exist in your home, radon levels can vary dramatically over a short period of time. Long Term radon gas kit will give you an average radon level in your home over an extended period of time (3 months to 1 year).
    • Safe and easy to use
    • American lung association, American cancer society and American medical association recommend you test your home or office for radon gas
    • Alpha track technology
    • Prepaid postage included


    • Brand Name: Pro-Lab
    • Product Type: Radon Gas Test Kit
    • Number in Package: 1 pk
    • Commercial or Residential: Commercial and Residential
    • Packaging Type: Boxed
    • Indoor or Outdoor: Indoor
    • Alpha-track technology
    • Long term detector (3 months to 1 year)
    • $40 Lab analysis fee required for lab tests
    • Processing time: 2 weeks

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