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TERRO Insect Trap and Lure Kit

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    Product Description

    TERRO refillable spider and insect trap includes a Hydro-Tech lure that attracts insects to the glue board. It features a discreet, two-color design for placement throughout the home. The durable construction and pet-friendly profile keep hands and paws from the sticky surface. The bug-shield grip keeps consumers' hands away from the trapped insects when servicing the trap. It comes with 8 glue boards and two sturdy traps.
    • Hydro-tech lure
    • Refillable
    • Discreet 2-color design
    • Pet friendly profile
    • Bug-shield grip
    • Durable construction


    • Brand Name: TERRO
    • Product Type: Insect Trap and Lure Kit
    • Indoor or Outdoor: Indoor
    • Product Form: Glue
    • Pest Type: Spiders
    • Packaging Type: Boxed
    • Safe for Edibles: Yes
    • Safe for Pets: No
    • WHAT'S INCLUDED: 2 plastic trap housings, 8 sticky glue board inserts, 2 lure humidifiers and 1 bottle lure - 2 fl oz
    • Click here to see the Safety Data Sheets for this product

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