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Hillman Zinc-Plated Steel Split Lock Washer 100 pk

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    Product Description

    Engineered to provide more uniform load distribution, split lock washers are great for any indoor/outdoor project. Ideal for situations where potential loosening from corrosion or vibration is a concern, split lock washers are used to prevent nuts and bolts from coming loose. These fasteners contain split ends that help "lock" into the mating material, thus providing a locking feature when tightened beneath a nut. The zinc finish provides moderate corrosion resistance. Use with treated lumber in applications with like nuts and bolts of similar diameter. *
    • Commonly used in applications using a bolt or a screw where two pieces are being joined together
    • Split ends grip the material surface to prevent loosening during vibration
    • Zinc finish for moderate corrosion resistance


    • Brand Name: Hillman
    • Finish: Zinc-Plated
    • Material: Steel
    • Product Type: Split Lock Washer
    • Number in Package: 100 pk
    • Unit of Measurement: Metric
    • Packaging Type: Boxed
    • Grade: 8 Grade
    • Hardened
    • C-Pak

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