Crosman 0.177 Caliber 625 fps Air Rifle 1 pk – Supplyfully

Crosman 0.177 Caliber 625 fps Air Rifle 1 pk

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    Product Description

    The legendary Crossman Pump master offers a simple solution for the beginning shooter. With easy-to-use features like variable pump power for velocity control, this repeater shoots BBs or pellets with power and accuracy. The elevation-adjustable rear sight and blade front sight help you stay on target while the checkered stock provides a firm grip. For over 40 years the Pump master has been taking it outside for plinking and target shooting fun.
    • Pump 3 to 10 times with each shot to vary the power
    • Fewer pumps for target shooting
    • More pumps for high powered pest control
    • BB reservoir holds up to 200, 0.177 caliber steel BB
    • Preload the internal magazine with up to 18 BB
    • Pumpmaster 760 shoots them up to 625 frame per second


    • Brand Name: Crosman
    • Pellet Size: 0.177 Caliber
    • Velocity: 625 fps
    • Product Type: Air Rifle
    • Number in Package: 1 pk
    • Weight: 2.1 lb.
    • Color: Black
    • Packaging Type: Boxed
    • Open Sights Included: Yes
    • Single Shot: Yes
    • Two Stage Trigger: No
    • Pump: Variable (3-10)
    • Velocity For Steel BB: 625 fps
    • Velocity For Lead Pellets: 615 fps
    • Velocity For Alloy Pellet: 700 fps
    • Barrel Material: Steel
    • Mounting Rail: Dovetail
    • Safety: Crossbolt

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