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Bondo Plastic Spreaders

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    Product Description

    Unlike putty knives or any of the flat pieces and parts you might use to mix and apply common body fillers, caulks and glazes, our Bondo Spreader is designed specifically for automotive aftermarket applications. Each pack contains 3 different spreader sizes, virtually ensuring you get the spreader that's most comfortable and effective for the specific job. Made from durable plastic, each spreader is strong enough to last yet flexible, giving you all the leverage you need to work effectively across flat or curved surfaces. And each spreader features a thin, clean edge that makes it faster and easier to shape filler, putty, glaze, spackle or caulk just the way you want it.
    • Designed specifically for spreading filler, putty, spackle, caulk or glaze
    • Three sizes in each pack virtually assures the right size spreader for the job
    • Plastic construction is flexible for easy use, especially on curved surfaces
    • Thin, clean edge improves control for smooth application
    • Reusable spreaders are easily cleaned with acetone to save time and money


    • Brand Name: Bondo
    • Product Type: Plastic Spreaders
    • Packaging Type: Carded
    • Color: Salmon

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